Tripsguard COVID-19 Travel Retrictions API

Give maximum value to your users, by providing accurate, up-to-date COVID-19 travel restriction information.

Tripsguard monitors on a daily basis well over 200 countries, federal states and territories.


COVID-19 Information in 200+ countries (including US states)

Show information about restaurants, covid vaccines, public transportation, quarantine rules and more


Quarantine Information

Detailed information about quarantine requirements, taking into account the traveler's nationality, itinerary and vaccination


General Entry Rules

Up-to-date information for travellers regarding entry restrictions, and pre- and post- arrival COVID testing requirements.



Up-to-date status regarding bars, restaurants, public transportation and attractions in specific destinations

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Use Case

Amazon Alexa is using Tripsguard to provide COVID-19 information via Voice

Try asking your Amazon Alexa device:"Alexa, can I travel to New York?".

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Developers from more than 150 organizations are using our simple and intuitive API.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are running thousands of robots across the web to get information about every destination in the world, we also have a large community of users reporting from their base and a team of content moderators for QA.

Our data is structured as a JSON document, so its various fields can be easily translated into any language you wish to support. The API also provides the same data as text fields in English only.

Tripsguard’s travel restrictions data is reviewed and updated on a daily basis. We combine official data with reports from travelers and residents in the different locations, to make sure you get the most accurate and up-to-date information about COVID-19 travel restrictions.
However, since these regulations may change very quickly, end users are advised to double check with the authorities at their destinations before finalizing travel plans.

Tripsguard covers 238 countries and territories around the world, including all US states.